Become a Legend at The Enduroman Festival of Ultra Events

Double Enduroman (2 x 1)

Want to take on the Enduroman Single two days in a row?


Taking on the Enduroman single two days in a row will test you both mentally and physically. You will get to share this experience with the world’s most special Ultra endurance community.

It is worthy of note that Enduroman have kept the same unique challenge since starting our events many years ago: Your run has dark woods, tree roots and the tough / short climbs etc. This is the world of Enduroman it is not the normal world of triathlon racing.

The Courses

Swim Course Video

Bike Course Video

Run Course Video


Event Details

Event Date:
6:30am Saturday 16th May 2020
6:30am Sunday 17th May 2020

Swim 2.4 miles (per day)
Bike 116 miles (per day)
Run 26 miles (per day)

Cut Off Times:
Swim 2.5 hours (per day)
Bike 12.5 hours (per day)
Total 20 hours (per day)




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