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Half Enduroman

This close to standard distance event, is included in the Ultra programme for the following reasons:


To give athletes the opportunity to test the course / event out before making the move to Ultra distance triathlon.

To give athletes the opportunity to race a half distance triathlon and the chance to share their experience with the world’s most special Ultra endurance community.

It is worthy of note that Enduroman have kept the same unique challenge since starting our events many years ago: Your run has dark woods, tree roots and the tough / short climbs etc. This is the world of Enduroman it is not the normal world of triathlon racing.

Relay Teams – Double / Single / Half Enduroman:

For those wishing to compete as a team, there is also relay opportunities for the Enduroman Double and Single races. Teams can enter up to 3 individuals per team. The choice of distances per athlete is up to you! You can either have one athlete complete each stage (swim / bike / run) or athletes complete any chosen number of laps on the bike and run stages. The only stipulation is that only one athlete completes the swim stage. This is to ensure safety around the water. For example, a team of 3 enters the Single Enduroman race. One athlete completes the swim, then each athlete completes 1 lap (or 2 laps etc.) on the bike course until the full 10 laps is completed and then a similar format on the run stage. The timing chip and race number will act as the relay baton.

The Courses

Swim Course Video

Bike Course Video

Run Course Video


Event Details

Event Date:
6:30am Sunday 19th May 2019

Swim 1.3 miles
Bike 58 miles
Run 13 miles

Cut Off Times:
Swim 1.5 hours
Bike 8 hours
Total 10 hours




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