We hit our targets for both the Charity and the race, my wife Vicky completed 34 miles and got 2nd place Female for Run to Max and I came 10th over all in the triple Ironman. I’ve included my race report below for your interest.

Race report.

Triple Enduroman Decision After last years races I had been bitten by the Ultra bug which led me to start having the thoughts of doing the Triple Enduroman. This is an ultra triathlon which consists of a 7.2 mile swim, 336 mile Cycle and a 78 mile run. The format of the race is continuous, this means that when the race starts the clock runs until you complete all three disciplines. My wife Vicky wasn’t too keen on me doing this race and it took me three months to persuade her to give her stamp of approval and within 4.5 seconds of this I had entered the race! This was just before Christmas. Vicky also decided to take part in the Run to Max that runs at the same time as the Triple. Training With thoughts of last years race I knew what I had been missing, I needed to be hitting my training with consistency of which I hadn’t managed to do before. For this I bought a direct drive power trainer and signed up to The app TrainerRoad, this gave me a base to work from as there are many plans that you can follow. I chose the Full Distance Triathlon High Volume Plan. It basically consists of four cycle sessions a week these follow a basic pattern of Endurance, tempo, sweet spot and VO2 max work outs ranging from 1 hour to 5 hour sessions. For the endurance ride I’d try to complete on the road every Saturday with the club. With this as the framework I added in 2-3 runs a week and 2 swim sessions one of an hour and the other a double LTC set on a Friday. I started this on the first Monday of January and made sure I hit every session where training wouldn’t be possible due to other commitments I’d move things around and double up sessions to ensure I hit the volume I wanted. I consistently hit my hours every week ranging from 10 hours to 21 hours a week and accumulated over 280 hours and 5000km+ in the five month lead up to the race. Not everything went to plan due to a massive bike crash during an endurance ride which ended with three people in hospital and two destroyed bikes. Luckily I got away with road rash and bruising and a bike broken in two! I was able to continue training and getting in most of my cycles and swims. However running was out the window for a few weeks! Key sessions that I incorporated where a 10km swim (400 lengths of Lanark pool) and a 150 mile cycle. Due to the crash I missed getting a couple of 30 mile runs in. Race Vicky and I travelled to Avon Tyrrell on the Wednesday before the race to set up camp and prepare for three days racing, ensuring we had all the supplies required to see us through. Swim The swim was 7.2 miles and took place in a small lake where I had to complete 39 laps, the water was 15 degrees C and murky and still, pretty good for me, some of the athletes from warmer climates did find it a little cold. The swim went perfectly where I’d stop for a feed and a drink each hour and just relaxed and just kept swimming! I completed the swim in 3 hours and 43 minutes in 4th position, very pleased! Bike The bike was 336 miles and took place on a 11.6 mile loop of undulating terrain on road, I had to complete 29 laps. The plan was to feed every two laps with proper food such as tins of macaroni,pasta, noodles and a bottle every lap and try and stay on the bike as long as possible ! This worked really well and I sustained power throughout with an average speed of around 25kph (not including stops) The problem with the bike route is that there is horses wandering around all over the road and aggressive drivers who give you no quarter, they’d rather try and run you down than let you through! This came to a big problem on the fourth lap where a car coming towards me decided to overtake and drove straight at me, I had to take evasive action and threw myself and bike into the ditch on the side of the road! If I hadn’t he would have run me down! The car sped off and left me on the ground at the side of the road, cheers! I picked myself back up up recentred my wheels and brakes and put the chain back on. I decided it would be better not to tell Vicky about this until after the bike so I brushed off the dirt and dust and hoped I could hide it! Luckily I did and she didn’t notice! I continued to hit 45 minute laps throughout the night and stopped at 200 miles for my breakfast and a 10 minute snooze and got back to it. The few laps after breakfast where pretty tough, just trying to maintain concentration but this passed after four more laps and I was able to continue to hit around the 45 minutes per lap to the end of the bike! I completed the bike in 26 hours and in 5th position, again very happy with this! Run The run was three marathons back to back, 78 miles! The route is a 1.1 mile undulating off road loop! So that meant 72 laps that I had to complete. So with a quick change into my trainers in T2 I trotted round half of the first lap and stopped at the shower, then at the tent for a 30 min sleep as planned. Surprisingly my legs felt pretty good and I got on with ticking the laps off, making sure I had a little snack and drink on every lap, running the downhills and flats and walk the hills. It was a great atmosphere round the place with lots of different events going on such as 50 miler, 100 miler, 200 miler, Run to Max (Vicky got third place female). Everyone supporting each other and helping when they could. I had a further two 30 minute naps during the run and finished in 30 hours. After my epic race I completed 421 miles with 7500meters of climbing in 60 hours with 1hr40 of sleep, in tenth place! Absolutely overwhelmed! The true hero of the weekend was my wife Vicky who was up all night feeding me every two laps and providing support for everything else while herself completing 34 miles round the run! She got me through the dark times that arrived after 60 miles of the run! Without her this would not have been possible! I also knew the guys and girls at LTC where watching and willing me to the end.