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Course Notes

Such a scenic run route, but looks can be deceiving! the relatively small tree roots will grow bigger as you tick the laps off!

  • Prior to the event the tree roots and any overhanging branches will be marked with orange paint
  • At night and when you get tired and drag your feet they seem to grow bigger!
  • WALK the hilly bits, only run up them if you are in 1st place, OR being chased by a bear 😉
  • It’s possible to do a 9 min lap on fresh legs, but on tired legs, think 18 – 25 mins
  • You pass the toilet block by the Boat House once per lap
  • You will be cheered and whooped at the turning circle every 1.1 miles, it’s hard NOT to run round that bit!
  • After 26 laps, it’s ok to ask how many you’ve done (every lap!), counting beyond 26 is not a requirement of entry
  • The video above was filmed out of Enduroman season, so don’t worry the path is well marked and there will not be any bikes on the run course
  • You will need a headlamp through the night
  • It’s ok to eat and drink on the move, but do not litter, there are bins by the boat house and also at the turning circle

Half Enduroman: 12 laps (13.2 Miles)
1 x Enduroman: 24 Laps (26.4 Miles)
Double Enduroman: 48 Laps (52.8 Miles)
Triple Enduroman: 72 Laps (79 Miles)
Quintuple Enduroman: 120 Laps (132 Miles) (Not being staged)
Enduroman Run to Max: (As many laps as possible)

Enduroman marathon: 24 laps (26.4 Miles)
Enduroman 50 Ultra Marathon 46 laps
Enduroman 100 Ultra Marathon: 91 Laps
Enduroman 200 Ultra Marathon: 182 Laps

The 1.10 mile run course is entirely closed to traffic, around the trails within the private estate. There is only a 25m stretch of tarmac, the remainder of the course is woodland paths and trails. The run course starts and finishes at the Avon Tyrrell Centre (Turning Circle). You will need torches both for the run routes during dark hours. (Single athletes may require lights for the run phase, Half athletes will not require lights). Athletes will run the last lap in reverse. This will give everybody out of the run course the opportunity to identify a finisher and congratulate them in the usual Enduroman style. It is an undulating course and athletes will have to contend with tree roots, low tree branches and narrow paths that will become slippy in damp weather. It is a tough course but feedback each year continues to show that there is enough there to keep the athletes interested inside this stunning private estate.



Bring strong bright lights for the dark night. The light is for you to see the road as well as being seen and it will give you confidence. Be safe and bright. You will need a head torch for the run, or alternatively carry your bike lights (For ultra athletes only).

Have wet gear as it could (WILL!!!) rain, wear sun cream during the day and be prepared for the night. Most athletes that drop out from the Triple / Double race do so between 2am and 5am so factor this into your training. You need to eat healthy substantial meals throughout the competition. Sports nutrition products WILL NOT be enough. Those that have completed an Iron distance race will know that the body starts to reject sugars after about 5-6 hours. This is the time when your body will try and convert fat to fuel. Keep hydrated with a weak sports drink throughout but remember that your body will crave salt and fat. This is because your body is depleted in these areas – so eat it. Train and fuel SMART!!!!

The Courses

Swim Course Video

Bike Course Video

Run Course Video



  • What’s special about Enduroman? The overriding feeling that the organisers want you to succeed. I, like many, came to Avon Tyrell unsure if I could complete the events I had entered. The phenomenal support from everybody there including supporters and fellow competitors both day and night helped push my limits beyond my expectations. This is not a organisation set up for profit but for athletes to realise their potential. Help, support and encouragement in a safe but demanding environment. Incredible memories guaranteed.

    David Smith
    2015 - Enduroman Quintuple
    2014 - Enduroman Double
  • This is an event like no other. From the minute you enter you are warmly welcomed into the Enduroman family who’s collective purpose is to support, encourage and ensure everyone achieves their endurance goals.

    Paul Wills
    2016 - Continuous Double (2nd)
  • Without a doubt, the Enduroman Festival of Ultra Events, is one of the most exciting weekends of my year! nowhere else can you experience such a family/team spirit whilst taking on such tough events, pushing yourself to your personal limits with such a great bunch of people around you. Don’t just ponder, sign up to an event, you will not look back!

    Graeme Kelly
    2015 - Double (10th) - last!
    2016 - Triple (DNF) - but still smiled for 409 miles!
  • Enduroman is the most amazing event you will ever do, definitely en experience you will never forget. Lovely people even if slightly bonkers! It’s my highlight of the year, counting down to next year already!!

    2016 - 3-2-1 Swim (winner) 2016 - Marathon Run
    2015 Quin Swim 2015 - 12 mile Swim & 100 mile Run
    2015 Run To Max
    2014 - 100 mile Run
    2013 - 100 mile Run
    2012 - 5 Marathons in 5 days
  • I first came across the Festival of Ultra at Avon Tyrell when following online someone doing the Arch to Arc. That got me inspired to do something bigger than the triple marathon I was already training for and so entered the 100 mile run.
    Spending hours upon hours in the company of amazing people rubbed off on me and the weekend has now become my favourite of the year during which I have been given the opportunity to accomplish beyond my imagination thanks to the fantastic team who run the events for us, people who I can now call friends.

    Graham Smedley
    2016 - Enduroman Triple (1st)
    2015 - Enduroman Quin (Finisher)
    2014 - Enduroman Triple (Finisher)
    2013 - Enduroman Double (Finisher)
    2012 - Enduroman 100 m Ultra
  • Going ultra long at EnduroMan on the Avon Tyrrell course is a life changing experience with an atmosphere like no other place on earth

    Anthony Gerundini (TC)
    2008 - (Lichfield) Double (5th)
    2009 - Double (3rd)
    2010 - Double (1st)
    2011 - (AT) Quin (1st)
    Lanza Double (7th)
    2012 - Deca (1st)
    Lanza Double (4th)
    2013 - Double (2nd)
    2014 - Double (2nd)
    2015 - Quin 5x1 (2nd)
    2016 - Triple (4th)
  • A place where you can enjoy blisters, chaffing and much more pain, a place where you can chase your limits in a truly amazing atmosphere but the surely the place where you will find new family members!!!

    Ghislain Maréchal
    2012 - Double
    2014 - Triple
    2015 - Channel Crossing
  • Enduroman – Scary, Elite, Uber athletes, out of my depth, Oh my god what have I done?

    These were all thoughts going through my head in the 10 months of training leading up to my first foray into the Kingdom of ultra-triathlon with the Continuous Double at Avon Tyrell.

    As soon as I arrived at the venue I could tell, yes this was a completely different world to that of the “races” I have previously been part of. I instantly felt at home being welcomed by the team and other athletes alike. EVERYONE was here not just to achieve their own personal goals but also help and encourage every other person participating; no matter the event they were part of, get to that finish line. Edd’s comment at the race briefing about the crew “we are not here to impose strict rules on you, we are here to keep you safe and do everything we possibly can to ensure you get to that finish line”. It’s not very often you here that support in a race brief.

    What a Venue (yes it is tough, but stunning), such a great bunch of athletes and the best organising team you could ask for.

    So – Scary, Elite, Uber athletes, out of my depth? It couldn’t be further from the truth. OMG what have I done? Yes very true indeed as I know for sure that I HAVE to go back and participate in silly distances again as once you’ve experienced the Enduroman family there is no way it can be once in a lifetime.

    Andy Male
    2015 - Double Enduroman
  • After I completed the UK Ironman in 2006 and 2007. We can across The Enduroman who was holding a Double Ironman in 2008 in Lingfield. I entered the event and started my Double Ironman training. Things did not go according to plan. Will skip the details but I had to have a tumour removed from my spinal cord, which left me paralyzed in my right. I was part of my sons support crew and watched him finish the Enduroman first double Ironman. So my love affair with the Enduroman had begun.
    I entered again in 2010 hoping to do the run on hand bike once again during training I had to have my Achilles tendon removed. I entered the single and double Enduroman again in 2013 /2014 due to one thing or other both were a DNF. Entered the Double again in 2015. Pulled up again during training due to my toes turning upside down. On August 29th I had my right leg amputated below knee. I will be back in training ASAP maybe just some swimming events at Avon Tyrrell in 2018.

    Eddie and the Enduroman team have supported me all and the way for the best event around. So if you have a Dream The Enduroman Family with help you achieve this.

    Mike Smith

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